Autumn 2020















May I interest you in one of the following services? 

   1. Book & column ghostwriting
   3. English tutoring
   4. Pen for hire
   5. Resumes & cover letters                                                         
   6. Websites to profile your business with a flair

Might this be the season that you...                                                                         

Write that book but need help? 
Circulate a new business publication? 
Refresh your present advertising with fresh bait?
Move up in your career but your resume screams yesterday?
Add a ghostwritten column under your byline for added clout? 
Use the editing services of a pro to fine-tune your own penned articles?
Notch up your website with an exciting design and text to widen your circle of prospects?

Before you further investigate this website to see if I can be of service to you, say hello to Brer Rabbit, my muse and favorite folklore character. We dedicate our journalistic briar patch to the
spirit of The Laughing Place and to readers like you.


R. Anne Murphy

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